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Advising the Transfer Student: Tip # 1

Advising the Transfer Student: Tip # 1

Advising an incoming transfer student can be complex. Each student has a unique transfer credit situation and sometimes needs assistance beyond interpreting their AAR or major requirements.

One of those complexities involves the number of transfer credits a student is bringing to Boise State. The course catalog and the Office of the Registrar explain this topic in detail, but here are a few key points for advisors:

  • The State Board of Education limits the number of transfer credit from junior or community colleges to 70 credits.
  • Boise State accepts ALL transfer credits from regionally accredited junior or community colleges, but the number in excess of 70 will be added to the total number of remaining credits needed for graduation.

                             For example, a student with 80 incoming transfer credits will have the total                                               minimum number of credits required for graduation adjusted from 120 to 130.

  • Generally, credits are transferred in at the equivalent level that they were taken (i.e., a lower division course will transfer in as a lower division course and an upper-division course will transfer in as an upper-division course). However, all coursework taken at a junior/community college is considered lower-division. Therefore, incoming junior/community college transfer students will need to complete 40 upper-division credits.
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