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Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelors Degree Forms

Forms for Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BA/BS)

A student applying for, entering, or completing the BA/BS program might need all of these forms:

General handout

The General Handout provides the requirements for a Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, either a B.A. or a B.S.

Student Outcomes

The Student Outcomes document explains the expected outcomes of a course of study in Interdisciplinary Studies, and also the methods of assessment.

Degree Checklist

The Degree Checklist lists serves as a guide to preparing and commencing a degree plan through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.

The Learning Portfolio

The Learning Portfolio explains the purpose and content of the portfolio required for a degree.

Personal Data

This PDF is a personal-data form required for application to the program.

Degree Plan

The Degree Plan is a form for planning the courses you will take to complete your degree.

Confirmation of Advisory Committee Meeting

This PDF is a form to be completed as confirmation of the degree plan by the advisory committee.

Learning Outcomes Form

This PDF is a form that details the learning plan and expected outcomes.


This PDF is a form is the prospectus cover sheet for your project.

Degree Change

This PDF is a form for requesting minor changes to your approved degree plan.

Change of Committee Member

This PDF is a form for requesting a change of a committee member.