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Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences enhances the cultural, ethical, artistic, and scientific foundation of our society through education, research, creative activity, and community engagement, thereby improving individual and collective quality of life.  Our faculty, staff, and students discover and share knowledge, understand and appreciate diversity, create and analyze art, and engage and enrich our local and global communities.


  • Prepare students for enlightened citizenship and leadership in a diverse world.
  • Cultivate a community of scholars and artists who use varied modes of inquiry and communication to discover, evaluate and disseminate knowledge.
  • Fulfill the special responsibility of a state funded metropolitan university by playing a vital role in the surrounding community, partnering with the community to provide programs and events of mutual interest, and engaging students with the community through internships and service learning.
  • Provide a range of quality graduate and undergraduate classes and programs to give students the tools and knowledge necessary to respond successfully to a changing world.
  • Integrate research into teaching. Engage students in both traditional and emerging disciplines in collaborative research and creative activity with their professors, taking advantage of new educational technologies and outstanding classrooms, laboratories, and performance facilities.
  • Foster internationalization of the curriculum, the faculty, and the student body.