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Science Comp Day 2013Overview:

Science Competition Day at Boise State University consists of a morning examination, hands on activities with Boise State University Clubs/Organizations, an awards luncheon, and an apparatus competition.


The 90-minute exam starts at 9:00. Students will answer 100 multiple choice questions which will test their knowledge of science and engineering fields including: biology, chemistry, geosciences, mathematics, physics, engineering, and scientific reasoning.  Each section has 15 questions, except for scientific reasoning which has 10. Students must complete the sections on mathematics, scientific reasoning, and four of the other five disciplines.

Faculty advisors, please remind your students that the exam is penalty scored so that random guessing leads to an expected score of zero. At the end of the luncheon activities, a listing of morning exam results for each school will be available.

Each team member may bring and use the following approved calculators:
Graphing calculators
Scientific calculators
Texas Instrument model TI-89

Calculators having any of the features listed below are NOT allowed during the competition:
Pocket organizers
Hand-held, laptop or tablet computers
Electronic writing pads or pen-input devices (i.e., Palm Pilots)
Devices with an alphabetic (QWERTY) keypad (i.e., TI-92 or HP-95)
Devices that have paper tape, make noise or use an electrical outlet
Devices that use or have wireless communication or the ability to
transfer data/information
Calculators built into cell phones

Awards Ceremony:

Awards will be based on results from the exam and apparatus competition and will be presented at the luncheon. Scholarship eligibility is limited to seniors. Other awards are open to all participants.

Scholarship:  seniors with top overall scores on the examination will be considered for a $20,000 scholarship to Boise State University ($5,000 per year for up to 4 years). In order for students to be eligible for the scholarship, they will need to meet the February 15 scholarship application deadline and all general University admission and scholarship criteria. Details at:

Other awards include:  plaques for the top overall schools in each size category (small, medium, large), medals for the top overall individual students in each size category (small, medium, large), ribbons to the top individuals in each exam area (Biol., Chem., Geo., Math., Phys., Eng.), and a Kindle Fire to the winner of the apparatus competition.

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